Monday, October 26, 2009


Next to our house is a field of sheep. They are pretty funny animals. George absolutely loves watching them and finds it hilarious when they "baaah". We feed them scraps from the kitchen and they go nuts for whole foods like apples and pears from the trees. They will even try and knock the buckets out of our hands when we are picking from the trees. Our dogs don't really know what to think of them. Funny story...Dixie the other day stole a apple right out of the sheep's mouth. Then all the sheep proceeded to chase her around the field to try and get it back. Since she weighs 3.5 pounds I was a little worried about her safety. So then I ran after her throughout the field and got the apple and threw it to the hungry sheep. I sure wish I had that on video. Me and a herd of sheep chasing the little dog with an apple in her mouth through a field....Ah, people driving by probably think we are nuts!

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tom said...

That's hilarious!

~Camille (i'm too lazy to get my own account so i use my husbands)