Thursday, October 22, 2009

shanghaied by jake



I guess a little background: I'm Jake (The hubby). So, my sweetie is feeding George and putting him to bed and is probably going to take a while, so i decided to put my two cents in. I know that Linzy is going to be way modest and totally talk her chicken down, but i think this meal deserves a lot of praise. I have to admit that after hearing that the chicken was "barely handled" i was sceptical about how it was going to turn out, but when that bird came out, WOW! It looked good. It was really tender and JUICY!!!! I really don't like when chicken is dry and this was totally NOT that way. Anyways, she is probably about to get done so i better post before she finds out. See ya!

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Linzy said...

Ha Ha! Good one Jake. I guess thats the last time I leave my blog open with my pictues sitting there waiting to be hijacked! I didn't see that coming. But that was sweet. And thanks for going back for seconds of the chicken. :)