Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'm a chicken for chicken

I had this whole chicken that I didn't know what to do with. Usually I am very confidant in the kitchen. But when it comes to meat with bones and such, I'm a total, well...chicken! Its really quite pathetic. If you asked my grandma I'm sure she would tell you stories of killing, plucking, and all sorts of things she did with chickens before the age of 10. But I'm a whole different story! I make my husband form hamburger patties and handle any dripping raw meat. ECK!!! So this was a huge challenge for me! I had been nervous about doing it for the last 2 days while it defrosted in my fridge.
So I opened the bird from its package and successfully tossed it into the pan without touching it. And then came the part I was dreading. Pulling the "whatever" out of the "where ever". I had been told it was right there and easy to find. But after 10 minutes of searching the ends of the bird with large ziploc bags on my hands as gloves, and not finding anything...I gave up. Hopefully whatever I was supposed to find, is OK staying inside, or was already removed. After that I threw in some chopped veggies, olive oil, salt and Mrs. Dash. Hopefully it will turn out, or we can just order a pizza! Catch me in an hour or so and see how it looks, or what kind of pizza we decided to order!

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tom said...

Camille said...Haha i'm the same way. I told Tom i would rather handle vomit and poopie diapers before handling raw meat. Which i'm having to get over because ever since we moved to "bush" Alaska we have been ordering our meat to be shipped in and it all needs to be thawed and cut and shaped and have things removed. Yuck!