Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ta da!!!!

My first blog post! Yay, I did it! I think blogs are soo fun and a fantastic way to keep in touch with people. Life has been busy lately. We moved to a little old house. And we are not even close to being all moved and unpacked. George is approaching a year old and that's crazy to me. Everyone always says "they grow up so fast". But I never realized how true that was until I became a mom and he is just growing before my eyes. The little guy weighs 25 pounds and everyday feels like one long workout. He can't stop moving, crawling makes him so happy. Tonight Jake chased him around for an hour and Georgie couldn't not stop squealing and giggling. It was the cutest thing ever! There isn't anything more pure and happy than when he can't stop laughing, I love it! Being a mom to George rocks! That's why I started this blog. I hope I keep it up and that you enjoy it!


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