Monday, November 16, 2009

awesome night

Eleven of us packed around my parents big table and started out with dinner, an amazing salad with diced apples and an orange dressing. Then came a chicken veggie lasagna and a classic meat lasagna. Sides of green beans and warm french bread. Yumm! After somehow finding more rooms in our stomachs, we ate icecream, cookies, cherry cheesecake brownies and really good pumpkin bread! Then we played games, my older brother owns every game ever created. So our game nights basically rock! Great food, great people...equaled an awesome night!


Jake said...

That was fun! We should all do that again! What do you say Stephanie?

Stephanie said...

mmm…definitely :) Great pictures Lindsay! The one of Charlie totally cracks me up--sometimes I wonder if dogs think, "oh my gosh, i'm surrounded by crazy people that can't understand me!"

Ellen "EJ" Sackett said...

You guys look like you had a bunch of fun! What a cute blog! I love it. I'm gonna head on over to shabbyblogs and see what they've got. Good luck with cooking school, Lindsey. I want to hear all about every bit of it. :-) ellen