Friday, November 13, 2009

design mom

Feature Friday again. Design Mom is one of my favorite blogs. And I loved when she painted her old piano. My parents gave my their old beat up piano and I would love to paint it too! So check out the link and see her piano. Then come back here and suggest what color I should paint mine!
I have been thinking about this for almost a year now and cant decide a color! So a little help please!

P.S. School starts today. I'm super nervous and excited. Wish me LUCK!


Camille said...

I was having trouble voting. It said i needed to be signed in but i thought i was signed in. Any way, my vote is for cherry red.

Lindsay said...

Yeah sorry its being stupid! Maybe I will just take the poll down and rely on comments. So far the tally is: 3 votes for red, 1 for black, and 1 for glow in the dark paint! HA! I wish on that last one. That would be awesome!
Also, I am considering the suggestion I got earlier for a royal blue instead of light blue, great idea!

steph said...

Hey Lindsay!

My vote is for any of them in a bit of darker shade, like the royal blue suggestion... a deeper red or purple would be cool too. I LOVE the idea of a brightly coloured piano!

Also, how are you liking school at the Arts Institute? I was actually considering going there or at Full Sail so I could take classes online. I'm so sick of UVU too.

Love your blog! <3

Lindsay said...

Hey Steph,
You should really consider the art institute! Would you do graphics, photography, animation, video games? Since they are a private school, the equipment they have there is insane! They have a couple brand new mac and pc labs. It made me want to do art soo bad! In the student lounge area there are computers and fancy printers that are like 5 feet wide that you can print posters or photos whenever you want. Then in the hall there is a wall of photos of all the photography and video equipment that you can check out whenever. Its really neat. The next open house is December 5th I think, you should check it out!