Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The last few days have been a mad dash. I finished the mountain of a grant application and found out I was eligible for quite a bit. Enough to cover pretty much all of my tuition. So we decided to go for it! I went to the school and registered last night. Then I went to new student orientation this morning. Where they gave me all my supplies! As you can see Maxy is sporting one of my chef hats (which I have to wear to most of my classes, yikes) And then the Massive pile of books, thats just for the first semester, double yikes!!! Then my mound of chef uniforms. And that black bag is full of all sorts of fun stuff. Utensils, spoons, spatulas, super nice knifes etc.. It doesn't look like it, but its quite a large amount of stuff. I had to take 3 trips to unload my car. Also, school starts on Thursday!!! I'm feeling really overwhelmed by it all. I was just considering the idea of this school on Saturday and then it all happened soo fast! Wish me luck, and I will need your support every step of the way!

P.S. If you keep watching my blog and leave me lots of comments I might reward you by posting a pic of myself wearing my silly chef uniform. That will make you laugh till your stomach hurts!


Jake said...

You look really cute in your uniform! But yeah, comment! You won't be sorry!

Janna, Will, and Grace said...

How fun Lindsay! Good luck

pebble said...

I just want to see you in your chef's hat. And you can come over and cook for me anytime, with or without the hat. :)
Love ya...Mom