Saturday, November 14, 2009

scrub club

Despite yesterday being Friday the 13th, my first day of culinary school went really well! It got semi boring at times listening to a Sanitation and Safety lecture for four daunting hours. We learned about hand washing and every bacteria, virus, mold and fungi possible. I will be grateful if I make it through the next 5 weeks without becoming a hardcore germaphobe. Half way through class they did a demonstration with this glow germ lotion which simulates germs. They put it on our hands, had us rub it around, and then go wash our hands. After that the chef took his black light and saw how well we washed. The parts that glowed were what "germs" were left. Most of us did really well. My fav was a guy in the class that told the chef to check out his head and the light glowed war paint and words all over his face. Another girl was asked by the chef to show him her phone. The guilt glowed all over her cell, since cell phones are not allowed in class....busted!

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