Sunday, November 22, 2009

think chocolate

Besides gaining 5 pounds, I had a fantastic evening at Utah's 2009 Chocolate Show. I took a great class from Susan LaHargoue and learned how to make truffles, candied almonds & Peanut brittle. The cake decorating competition was also very exciting. The winner, Julie Hill of Layers, had a phenomenal cake! In my opinion won by a landslide! I can only dream to be able to accomplish the technique her cakes displayed. Hopefully within the next couple years I can enter the competition and at least compare to the other gorgeous cakes.
The pic of the gorgeous chocolates above is by Chocolot Their chocolates are soo beautiful and taste just as good too! By far my favorite at the show.
A few other vendors I rank the top of my list were Choffy and Shirley J
So if any one wants to know what I'm asking for on Christmas, check those links out! Fantastic products! Great Show! Mmmmm....Chocolate!


Ryan Kendrick said...

Hi Lindsay. It's Ryan from Chocolot. I'm glad you enjoyed the chocolates!

Lindsay said...

Wow! How did you find me? I think you were the one that sold me the chocolates. I have your business card. They were absolutely Fabulous!!! Thanks! I can't wait till I get more!