Monday, January 18, 2010


The first week of my 23 things got started with a big fat win for team weight loss! I am proud to exclaim to the world that I lost 9.3 pounds. No...I didn't starve myself. And No...I didn't work myself to death. I did try and exercise 10-30 minutes a day, and I tried to stay under 1800 calories. And I admit I was not perfect and went over, and I didn't exercise a couple days. I probably will have to kick it up a notch soon. But for now I am pretty satisfied. So...Go ME!

P.S. My fantabulous family is doing the weight loss challenge with me. And I am proud to report they all lost 5-6 pounds each themselves! Sweet!
Remember...a family that exercises together, stays together....longer!


Jake said...

...and that's a good thing... right?

michelle allen said...

wow! that is soooo awesome! great job. keep it up!!!