Sunday, January 31, 2010

dear blog, im lonely

I bet I know what you are could you be lonely with that cute little guy around? Well, Georgie has been napping for a couple hours, Jake is out of state on a business trip. Going to church without him today was boring. I am being pathetic and sulking in my loneliness. Technically I should be fine, considering my mile long list of stuff to keep me occupied. 2 dogs, and 2 parrots to keep me company. And I should be enjoying the few minutes left I have of silence before Curious George awakes. But no....Im pathetic. So I am here in blog land looking for company. I will just type and hopefully that will help a little. These are pictures I took a few mornings ago and wanted to share. Georgie found a binkie somewhere in his room. He never would take these as an infant. But this morning he sure found it entertaining.

Sorry dude, the binkie is upside down...

Dixie is one of the prettiest teacup red poodles I have ever seen. But she is the most un-photogenic creature I have ever tried to photograph!

I just realized I hadn't shown you my christmas present to myself. I bought the white cake stand. I loved it soo much I had to go back and get the blue one! I'm obsessed!

I'm obsessed with this little guy too!

Maxy Waxy

Thanks for listening.


Heather said...

Oh, Lindsay be not sad. Revel in nap time because when you have 2 kids it doesn't come around as often, or at least where they're napping at the same time. :)

Lindsay said...

I know, I'm pathetic. It's even worse now. I'm home alone without either of the boys. George is at grandma's spending the night. Because we didn't want his sleep schedule to get messed up. I would have had to wake him at 5am to take him over there so I could go to school. I am regretting being lonely earlier, because this is way worse! I would enjoy a night off every once in awhile, but it just stinks when I'm here to enjoy it with no one. Woe is me today, sorry! :(