Monday, January 25, 2010

i heart jogging

i heart jogging, i heart jogging, i heart think if i say it enough it will come true? I'm having a hard time with this weight loss goal. My motivation has slipped away. Oh pretty please Weight loss fairy...bring me some!
I can say this last weigh in, I lost 4 pounds. I know that's a good number. But I know I didn't give even 50% of effort so I am kicking myself. Next weeks number is gonna be ugly. Anyone have any tips or glorious motivation for me?

P.S. 13.3 pounds lost in 2 weeks. 36.7 pounds left and 59 weeks to get my butt into high gear!

photo by Timtak


steph said...

Hey Lindsay! I struggle to get the motivation to work out as well. But I find if I switch up the type of physical work I do, I have more fun with it. Some things I do are Yoga, Pilates, hiking (though it's easier to do in the spring, but snow hiking is fun!), walks, swimming, playing the wii, etc.

I think when it starts to be a chore is when people stop doing it. It has to be fun. :)

But also keep in mind, 13lbs in 2 weeks is a LOT. Don't be too hard on yourself! :D Great job.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Stephanie! I love you're idea about trying yoga and pilates. And wii is awesome! My parents have one and I love it! Even though the wii fit is just a mild workout. I think doing something like that everyday would help keep me active. I would love to get one myself. You are soo right about it being a chore. I really need to find more sports and exercises I like to do!