Monday, January 11, 2010

crawling in a hole now...

I could hear Georgie laughing and blabbing in his room. He is officially awake for the day. Any moment he was going to start crying. My sweet husband rolls out of bed. Yes! Bless him! Extra time! I roll over pull the blanket up closer. Sweet, phone rings....NOOO! I answer the phone and its the dean of my school. Are you coming to your baking class today? What? School starts today?!
Apparently it did, and guess who thought it started tomorrow..Well you know the answer to that. I thought it started on the 12th. I had been told by at least 4 of my fellow classmates that it on Tuesday the 12th campus started. I even let them look at my schedule and asked them what day I would begin on. Ever see the movie Ratatouille? Well they seriously got it right when they had the chef that killed the man with his thumb. There are some interesting people at culinary school. Hopefully I can hide in the baking kitchen and make it through. Wow, they sure got me! Maybe it was some form of hazing...
But I made it to class, only 3 hours late. With 2 hours left. I helped make the butter cinnamon cookies. Beside them is biscuits and blueberry muffins which I cannot take any credit for.
Plus...the sheep are still watching. I'm thinking of taking up knitting. Board the north facing windows. Or I'm suggesting lamb in my next cooking class. Today was bad...You don't want to know the rest, it just went down hill from there. I hope you are all doing peachy. Hopefully I have a more positive note to post soon.

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