Wednesday, May 05, 2010

cinco de mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I thought for today I would share my favorite Mexican-ish dish. Taco Soup! This is a super easy dump and cook recipe. If you haven't made this yet. You HAVE to.....Promise!? Ok here is is..... Well not really, its at the bottom of this post. I have to force you to sit through my life's update first. Unless you know how to scroll.
So I bet your wondering why there is a turnip as the posts pic. Well I'm sure some guessed it. Little Baby is the size of a 5 inch turnip. I always think its strange they use fruit and veggie sizes to help us understand. I think I have only cooked and had contact with a turnip once in my life...Kinda tasteless and gross. I'm 16 weeks along and doing fantastic. We hit a few bumps and the docs thought I had a heart problem. But thank goodness it was a screw up test and there is nothing wrong.
About a month ago we moved. To a bigger place for the new arrival. Its a gorgeous 3 bedroom condo and we feel blessed to have gotten it. Its brand new with gorgeous granite counter tops and great features! But we are still getting used to a few things. I have been bitten by the neighbors tiny little wiener dog 3 times!!! Well I guess I should not say tiny. Tiny is applicable to his height, but his little belly drags way too much. It amazes me that it can run down the stairs to attack me everyday. Also The upstairs neighbor's child has some sort of "glitter ball" or large heavy ball...probably a 20 pound bowling ball. That he has not gotten bored of since the day we moved in. The kid insists on bouncing it over and over and over all day long, EVERY day! Oh and its especially fun for this kid while we nap below him! He never fails to play with it then. Making the light fixtures rattle and everything shake. I swear if I ever see a child outside playing with a ball that could match that sound producing qualities. I'm gonna run out there and steal it!!!! Jake gets soo embarrassed when he gets home from work and he walks in on me with the broom stick hitting the ceiling back. Sad I have amounted to that... The little kid upstairs thinks its a game. He matches the number or poundings I hit on the ceiling. Oh its great fun! I have a range of things I want to do to his mother that must be so attentive to her children and soo neighborly. I have everything to leaving a nice note on her door step with cupcakes, to capturing that fat wiener dog and unleashing it on her. Ok wow.....maybe the thumping is bringing out the worst in me. I really should get out more and maybe talk to people besides the dogs, George and the 2 parrots all day.... Ok now for that Taco Soup that you promised to try!

Taco Soup

1 Can Black Beans (or whatever canned beans your family prefers, we love pinto too!)
1 Can Chili Beans
1 Can Tomato Sauce (8oz)
1 Onion Chopped
1 Can Corn Drained (or a couple cups frozen corn)
1 or 2 Cans Chicken Stock (depends how soupy or chili-like you want it)
1 Can diced Tomatoes Undrained(with green chilies if you want a little spicy)
1 package Taco Seasoning
3 Frozen Chicken Breasts (optional change up: ground beef or ground turkey)

Tortilla Chips
Cheddar Cheese
Daisy Sour Cream

Put everything in your crock pot and stir in that taco seasoning. Then if you are doing the chicken breasts. Place those on the top and push down till they are covered by the soupy goodness. Turn on Low for 4-5 hours till Chicken is fully cooked and you cant stand another second of it sitting there not in your tummy! Take the chicken breasts out, shred them up and stir back into the soup. Then serve in bowls with tortilla chips, sour cream and cheddar cheese!!!!

The Optional Change up of Ground Beef or Ground Turkey is a little different, and faster! I put the Meat in a big soup pot. Brown it up with the onion. Then dump all the cans and taco seasoning in the pot. And bring to a simmer for a few minutes till your beans get to the tenderness you like. I just heat it up and call it good, because by then everyone can smell it and cant wait any longer! Then serve in bowls with tortilla chips, sour cream and cheddar cheese!!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

If anyone tries the soup, let me know how it goes. Also! Any ideas on my neighbors would be terrific!


Steph said...

Lindsay! Oh my gosh, you are FUNNY!! I've missed you all these years! Congrats on baby number two! I am just about two weeks behind you (I'm carrying my 16-week turnip this week). Keep writing! I'm laughing at your hysterical stories! Welcome back to my life!!

allen13241 said...

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