Friday, May 14, 2010

they came, i blabbed, they conquered.

Last night I had the honor of teaching some ladies of my old ward cake decorating. I was extremely nervous because I have only taught 5-7 year olds in primary. The thought of talking in front of adults and being required to make some sense made me want to run and hide. But I made it through it. The goal of the class was to teach covering a cake in fondant. And WOW! Those women are talented! They all rolled and covered those cakes with no problems. I was amazed, because my first time was full of a million mistakes. The picture above is the first cake I ever covered in fondant (those dots and strips are covering SO many wrinkles!). I wish I had brought my camera and taken pictures of the cakes last night. They decorated the cakes cuter than I could have imagined. During my blabbering I told them I had a recipe for home-made cake release. So your cakes will not stick to the pans, and much cheaper to make yourself than the store bought miracle worker. And its a little different than I said at the class (sorry, its been too long!) Here it is:

1/4 cup Shortening
1/4 cup Vegetable Oil
1/4 cup All Purpose Flour

I would put this in a Tupperware type container and it should be good for a long time!

Also I got side tracked and mention Cake Pops. And some acted interested, so here is the link to them.

I will be posting a 101 of Marshmallow Fondant with pictures soon! I have the pics taken but I need to put it all together. So you that didn't make it to the class can make your own fondant.
Thanks Ladies for a great night! You all did a fantastic job. And most of all...Thank you for putting up with my teaching!