Sunday, July 04, 2010

23 things

1. Have a yard sale(Made 150 bucks on our junk)
2. Lose 50 pounds (I ended up loosing 30)
3. Paint a picture (Can't believe I didn't do this one, kicking myself!)
4. Find the best frosting recipe (found a bunch that claim to be the best, tried them and I don't think they are...the hunt continues)
5. Paint my piano (I think red!) (totally didn't do this one. Mainly because I have to move the piano from my parents house to mine, ugh, lots of work. And I still cant decide on a color)
6. Get a chemical peel (bought a groupon for this, so it's paid for, I just have to go!)
7. Have more than my mother read my blog on a daily basis (thanks everyone, for making this one possible!)
8. Find a dozen amazing recipes
9. Start a Cake Website
10. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover (didn't finish)
11. Have a big Fall Party (couldn't do this one, because jack was in the NICU, and then was on lockdown)
12. See the Grand Canyon with my mom
13. Learn how to airbrush
14. Unpack all the moving boxes (can't believe I didn't finish this one. I think there are still 5 boxes left)
15. Plant a garden
16. Have a giveaway on my blog
17. Make at least 12 wonderful cakes
18. Start blogging (or a blog) about my birds (I'm making a section on my new blog, does that count?)
19. Make 2 quilts or baby blankets
20. Furnish and decorate each room in the house. (Only 3/4 made it through some of the rooms, I guess this one is gonna take another year to finish)
21. Go Swimming (haven't been in 10 years) (Our condos clubhouse just opened the pool this month. Now I just need to go buy a swimming suit)
22. Don't eat ANY fast food! (except salads and subway) (did this for a month, then failed MISERABLY)
23. Send 5 surprise gifts (really really wanted to do this one, I think I ended up sending 2)
And the unofficial #24. Blog about each goal!!!! (yeah, failed at this one too, blogged about some)

There ya have it! What I will be up to the next 8 months. Well...between chasing Georgie, being a pooper scooper, cooking, cleaning, blogging, being a lucky wife, and giving birth to another bouncing baby boy. I will be trying to squeeze in these 23 things. This is the revised version of my original 23 things. I made the changes because some thing were not possible because of me being pregnant. But I feel like i am still pushing myself hard. Because after the baby is born I only have 5 months to loose my 50 pounds! If you make your own goals I would love to link you!!!

Links so far!
The Desert Flea Market

Original Photo by Tricky


Glenda said...

I'd love to see you blog about painting your piano. I want to paint mine too, but I'm a bit hesitant. Make sure you post when you get ready to do it!

Marc and Heidi said...

I love your blog! And your cooking is amazing. I'm excited to see each post about what you get done!

steph said...

You've already completed number 7 :) Just so you know.

Hope everything is going well! Good luck on your goals!

Natalie said...

I'll help with #7, too.