Friday, November 05, 2010

birth story part 2

They took my baby from me.
They said they would test him and he would only be gone an hour.
Why did I let them clean him off first.
I should have said I wanted him placed on my stomach after birth.
Why was I so stupid.
After a few minutes the doctor, the last nurse and my husband left the room.
They went to attend to the baby.
They left me alone...
Finally my mom came. Her and Jake were in and out of the room.
I couldn't go see him. They said not till my epidural wore off. I then started to try to move my legs as if my life depended on it.
Praying for the feeling to come back.
HOURS past!
More praying...
I couldn't get feeling back in my one leg.
Finally I said to myself, I don't care if I can't move this leg. I WILL!
I called the nurse in, the test was to hold you leg up, out straight, without bending the knee.
I told her I was ready, she didn't believe me and asked to see.
I used everything I had and held that dead leg up in the air perfectly!
I couldn't have done it again if they asked, it was my little miracle.
They finally wheeled me over to the Nursery.
It had been 5 hours since he was born, and all I had seen was a glance.
Jake pushed me in.
There was Jack...

There was something wrong with his lungs, and they didn't know what.
They said they were going to have life flight him to another hospital. I was horrified...
He looked perfect, he didn't look sick, he was pink and chubby. Why did they have to take my baby!
I sobbed...
Jake followed him to the hospital 4 cities away.
And they left me again...alone.
I sobbed some more...
Prayed even more...

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Heather said...

Where did you deliver? I hope everything turned out ok.