Friday, October 29, 2010

birth story

The doctor lectured me. Because the night before I had severe contractions. But they never were very regular and were not getting stronger. She said the next time that happens I should head to labor and delivery.
A few hours after my appointment, more started...
I refused to go in. It didn't feel like labor. They lasted 10-20 minutes each. Making them impossible to time. My mom came over because she was worried. My best friend Holly who works in labor and delivery insisted through text messages that I have to go right now!
It still didn't feel like labor...
After hours and hours of me having occasional cramps. And Jake, mom and Holly pressuring me. I said, ok let me take a walk and see what happens. The contractions stopped...
So I kept refusing, this was not labor. I was now only having 1-2 an hour. Instead of the 3-5 minutes guide they give you to speed to the hospital.
I caved, they made me finally go. Even though at this point I was virtually having no more pain...
George headed off with grandma. Holly asked for updates. Jake loaded my oversized belly into the car... I was terrified. I hate hospitals...
They tied me down with all their machine cords. Called the doctor and she said I'm progressed enough to stay, the baby was going to come at some point this hospital stay.
Then we waited...

The nurse would come in every hour or so and look at the monitors and scratch her head. I wasn't in active labor. Hardly any contractions. One an hour is hardly a reason to be hopefully get rid of the uncomfortable state of pregnancy. Yes, I wanted to meet him. But not reason enough to sit in a hospital bed hoping I would suddenly go into labor. I had 3 weeks left before my due date.
I sat there forever, wide awake...

I watched my gorgeous husband sleep so peacefully on the floral sofa...
He was always so calm, so excited and so supportive.
He woke every half hour to ask how I was doing...
I would launch into a speech about how I haven't had a contraction for hours. I shouldn't be there. I should be at home with my Georgie, asleep in our own bed. I had a wedding cake due in a day! This baby couldn't come!
The nurse came in and informed me I needed some antibiotics. And needed to get a few rounds in before the baby came.
I wanted to run from the room.
I do very very bad with needles.
And when I see no reason for them. Like sitting in the hospital not even having contractions. I started praying over and over this baby would come. So there was a point for me getting an IV. Or that they would let me go home to my bed, my Georgie, safe from the needles.
The next 2 hours I laid there clenching, moaning and trying not to scream. Every nurse in labor and delivery tried to get the IV in. My veins refused...
Jake watched in suspense thinking I was going to punch someone.
Finally one got in! Thank goodness!

My arm started to swell, filling with IV fluids, it had failed..
They had to try again for a new IV...
So they brought in the head of the hospital. Bless her! She finally got it!
My hands and arms were pin cushions.
I was officially a human voo-doo doll. Hopefully someone horribly deserving felt my pain too.
I laid there tethered to the bed with all my cords and tubes. Miserable. Upset that I had come...
Still not in active labor.
4 in the morning the nurse checked me. I was at a 7 (when your at a 10, the baby comes).
Wow, the nurse was shocked, I was too. My body was really getting ready by itself, with only a few contractions.
Soon after my body launched into labor. This was it, this is what I knew labor was.
They prepped me for an epidural...
This needle is a foot long...
I shook uncontrollably hard. Jake held me as tight as he could so the man could do the procedure. My legs went numb.
Then came itching. Oh the itching. Dang the itching! The only bad part of a epidural for me.
About 6:30 the doctor came and broke my water.
7am was nurse shift change, no one was checking me.
At 7:15 I felt something quite strange...all numbed up I could feel the baby coming out!
"Jake, get the nurses!"
He ran out and came back with 3 super happy nurses and my doctor.
They got everything ready.
I pushed through 5 contractions and there was my bouncing baby boy!
7:50am. 7lbs 4 oz.
Only a small little cry...something felt wrong.
The nurse said he was grunting funny, they held him up for me to see.
Then ran out of the room with him...

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Photos by Prescott and Cult Gigolo

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