Monday, November 15, 2010

microwave cake


Ok I got seriously lazy.
I was craving chocolate and sugar, bad. Real bad.
And I faintly remembered as a kid making cakes in the microwave.
So I thought I would give it a try.


Honestly, Im not sure it tastes good enough to be worth the few minutes you save.
But, Im a cake decorator. So I can whip out a cake pretty fast and I'm picky about how it turns out.
So if you are looking for a quick desert fix, try this out.
I actually found out that since its not super amazing, it cured my craving and I ate less than if I had made my usually cake. Because let's face it, my cake tastes dang good, the last couple wedding cakes I made tasted like perfection and no one could stop eating them...ok, I will stop bragging now...
I'm sure my next wedding cake will fall over just for saying that!


Microwave Cake

1 box of cake mix (any flavor)
1 can of pie filling
3 eggs

Spray your microwavable bowl with non stick spray, pour in batter and cook for 8-12 minutes. Let rest for a few minutes. Pour frosting or icing on top. Then eat!
Best combinations: Chocolate with cherry pie filling, yellow or spice cake with apple pie filling.
Has anyone else tried this out? Do you like it? What combinations do you love?


pebble said...

When you were small I made this with white cake and blueberry pie filling. While it tasted wonderful, it turned out to be a dark gray color with dark "rocks" looking things in it. The boys called it Pavement Cake...and it did, it looked just like the pavement on the road. They ate it all however, it tasted nice, just looked like pavement. :) Even asked for me to make pavement cake again!

Heather said...

When Ben was on his mission I used to send him microwave cake on his birthday. It was a mini cake for one that you can put in a cereal bowl. Thanks for reminding me. I'll have to put it on my blog sometime.