Sunday, November 07, 2010

the NICU


That afternoon he was life flighted to the more advanced hospital. They put Serfactant in his lungs to help them develop. Turned out that wasn't his problem.
The little guy had pneumonia...
They didn't have any idea where it came from.
But I did...
A month before I thought my water broke. But it wasn't enough for anyone to believe me.
But as a pregnant woman, I have super human smell...
I'm not exaggerating. I can smell bad breath from 20 feet away.
Yeah...that bad, watch out!
My water broke when George was born. And this super human smelling nose doesn't forget.
It was the same, the EXACT same.
NO one would believe me.
I went to labor and delivery and got tested, the nurse was rude.
Rolling her eyes at everything I said, and halfheartedly did the test.
And of course it didn't come out positive, she didn't do it like she should of, and I knew it.
I was still worried, still positive it had broke and I had a pin hole leak.
My doctor tested me.
She said I had a very bad infection.
That's where Jack got pneumonia. The leak let the infection get to him.
I did it.
I admit.
That dang leak gave him pneumonia.
And I will always be mad at myself, and that nurse...

Jake took these photos.
I was stuck in the hospital going insane. The nurses told me I had to stay at least 24 hours...
That's 24 hours I couldn't be with my baby.
So I sat and waited...
Missing George.
Praying for Jack.
Thinking about the wedding cake that was due the next day...

Here the rest of the story here.

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Camille said...

That is so crazy! That would be awful to be stuck in one hospital with your new baby in an other. Don't blame your self. You did everything you could. I hope that Jack is okay. I am anxious to hear the rest of the story.