Monday, January 31, 2011

be where your feet are

Cassandra Barney, an artist in Utah, painted this gorgeous painting. It's called be where your feet are. I really love its message. Don't get distracted thinking about the future or the past. Enjoy the present, where your feet are.
I really relate to Cassandra, I am a stay at home mom and artist. My days are filled with drawing for my work while I keep up with my kids. I have learned very well how to hold a baby in one hand and draw with the other hand. While keeping one eye focused on the 2 year old. She even has a cute parrot like me!
"Be where your feet are" is exactly what I needed to hear to refocus myself. Jack's NICU bills are that of a small house...Lately we have been so worried about money and finishing school. Our future and where we can afford to live. It's hard not to get wrapped up in that and how we are going to keep our heads above water.

My new goal, which I doodled and taped on the side of my monitor.
Be where your feet are! Be here in the present, with my kids and wonderful husband. And I will try to stop constantly being distracted, worrying about the future and what has happened in the past.
Here is the video of Cassandra that inspired me. Here.


Hilary said...

Ooo... I like that too. I tend to be a person who totally looks ahead, and while that it can be helpful, I need to be where my feet are more often. :)

Raylene said...

This painting is gorgeous! I really needed to hear the message as well because I am rushing this pregnancy to be over with and I need to enjoy each day. ;) Especially since I only a have a few more weeks of alone time with Jackson.