Saturday, February 19, 2011

busy busy busy



I turned around while we were driving to be shocked by the two year old Georgie covered in brown _______ in his car seat.
Until I realized we had given him a fun size snickers bar earlier.

More terror as my inlaws are coming for the weekend.
Don't get me wrong...I love my inlaws, they really are great.
I just wish things were ultra clean when they get here. Because they aren't as messy of people as me.
So I have been busy busy busy trying to get all the spots out of my carpets.
And do insane things like washing behind the kid's ears....just kidding.
But I will be very OCD in the next few hours till they get here.

This weekend we are blessing Jack. I wish ALL the family could come. But Jack is still on lockdown. So we are having a small little blessing with our immediate family.

Ok...time to stop procrastinating and scrub the chocolate covered child and the rest of the house!

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