Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Jack and most of the family has been on lock-down since October. Obviously we aren't doing a good job at it. Because we still managed to get sick. George and I have it right now, I believe its a cold. A very very nasty cold. I have a pile of tissues next to me already in the 3 minutes I have been sitting here.

Poor Georgie woke up a couple hours early today with a fever. We laid him on the couch and he asked for Wallace and Gromit. Those are his favorite movies. Just recently he has stopped having an English accent. I miss being called Mummy.

When I was little and very sick. My mom would always put on Little Mermaid for me. I watched that movie so much I wore out the VHS and they had to get a new one.
What was your movie of choice when you were sick?


Annette said...

I remember watching Care Bears when I was home sick; loved those bears, lol! Although I did read a lot, too.

I love that your little one loves Wallace & Grommit; my kids have a soft spot for them, too! ;-)

Lindsay said...

Annette, I haven't thought about care bears in forever! I always loved the bear with the sun on his belly!

Dan said...

Have you tried Zinc lozenges?!5761676/zinc-is-probably-the-most-effective-cold-treatment-known-to-medicine

Heather said...

Have you tried apple cider /c cinnamon? I wrote a blog post about it awhile ago.
My childhood "sick" movie of choice was the Duck Tales Movie.

Lindsay said...

Oh duck tales was awesome! I only have seen 3/4 of it though. The VHS we had as a kid was partial taped over. Never knew how that movie ended....