Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Butterfly craft

George and I made butterflies yesterday. I got the idea here.
Go check it out because they are way cuter than ours.
We had to modify ours a little bit so a two year old could make them.


First I had George color on some scrap card stock with crayons.
While he colored I cut out shapes for the butterflies.
Then I folded his scraps in half and cut out butterfly wings.
We then attached the shapes on the butterflies.
This was an AWESOME way for George to practice recognizing and saying his colors and shapes!


They are hung on the front door. George still is constantly going over and pointing out all the colors and shapes.
My favorites he says are "Urcle" (circle) and "Urple" (purple)
And he still is convinced butterlies are really "Eeetles!" (beetles)

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