Wednesday, April 27, 2011

death by chocolate cake


I made this cake for my mom and brother's birthday. It was.....well, the most chocolaty cake I have ever had.


It was devils food cake with mini chocolate chips inside.
With chocolate mousse in between every layer and on top.
With ganache poured over the cake.
Oh, and dont forget the mini chocolate chips on top too.
Yeah...this cake has A LOT of chocolate.
It was sooooo moist and amazing. I will definitely be making this again, hopefully soon, I want to post in more detail how to make it.
All you chocolate lovers will love it!
We ate it with Dreyers Black Raspberry Icecream, which turned out to be awesome paired with the cake. It was a perfect break from all that rich chocolate.



Louise said...

Lindsay, it is beautiful. I can hardly resist sticking a finger alongside that dripping frosting and getting a sample!!! ('Course it is easier to resist not being in person!!!)

pinkgoat said...

The cake looks amazingly delicious. Just started reading your blog yesterday and I am really enjoying it!

Lindsay said...

Thank you!!!
It really was delicious. Thank goodness it was soo rich tasting or I probably would have eaten half of it!