Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter


This weekend we got cookies as an extra with our Bountiful Basket order.
They came pre-made in the shape of eggs and bunnies. And include little containers of frosting ready to go.
This was the first time I have ever tried icing on sugar cookies. It was a lot of fun!
Thanks bountiful baskets for making it easy!

I hope everyone has had a great Easter weekend!
Here are a couple Easter videos I love...


Glenda said...

Beautiful cookies!

pebble said...

See that yellow bunny down in the left corner...that's the one I ate..yummy, so cute! Thank You for decorating these...they turned out so so adorable! I ate an egg for breakfast this morning of your cookies...:)

Shauna said...

Hope you had a blessed and beautiful Easter!