Sunday, May 15, 2011

happy jack


When I go into Jack's room in the morning. This is what I find on a typical morning...
Happiest Boy ever! He usually lets out a squeal or a laugh when I open the door. This little man is always in a good mood. He only gets a little fussy when hungry and sleepy. Other wise he is all smiles all day.
Oh, and Dad dressed him in this super awesome striped combo. In case you were wondering who was the genius behind it....


Then enters George, and he too wakes up in a fantastic mood every morning. I can't say the same about his nap times...

"AH, Aaaah, Ne, Ah" translation: "Look Jack, I have your hippo"


"Ah, Ah, HAT, HAT, Ah, Baby" translation: Jack is wearing a hippo hat!
by the way, all of this is said with a english accent....thank you Wallace and Gromit...


Mmmm, I haven't had breakfast yet. Don't mind if I do...


"AHHHHHHHHH" translation: Mom, Jack bit my finger!!!!


And that is a typical morning happening at our house.


P.S. Thanks for all the kind words on the blog and on facebook about the last wedding cake. I can't thank you enough! I feel so blessed that the cake turned out so well, and that everyone loved it. Thank you!


pebble said...

Oh how I love these two little guys! I love how Georgie calls Jack, baby, like it's his name. Adorable pictures, they are such sweeties! And the verification word for this post is funny.

Shandra said...

What a CUTE blog entry! Your boys are soooo cute! :o) I Love the smiles in the morning too, they are so wonderful to wake up to! :o)