Wednesday, May 18, 2011



I feel like my blog is turning into a cake blog. My life seriously isn't just cake. But I have gotten lots more orders in the last week. So I wanted to share some of my past cakes. To give the brides more ideas.


This was my second wedding cake. And the very first cake I ever stacked. This cake was huge! Standing around 5 foot 9 inches on the table. Made for one of my bestest friends.  
Mindy, if you are reading this.....I miss you!!! I can't wait till you visit in July!
It is covered in buttercream and has various designs piped in buttercream. I believe the cake flavors were from top to bottom: Dark Chocolate Cake with Bavarian Creme Filling, Spice Cake with Apple Filling, Lemon Cake with Lemon Filling and White Cake with Raspberry Filling. And I heard they followed the tradition of saving and freezing the top layer of the cake for the first anniversary and it was still delicious!

Funny story about this cake. I did this one years ago. Back when they were getting rid of trans fat in everything. Well little did I know that they had just taken the trans fat out of shortening that month. The bride's mom wanted the frosting as pure white as possible. So that required making the frosting out of pure shortening instead of using some tasty butter.  I frosted all the cakes the morning of the wedding. And then a couple hours later the frosting starts peeling off all of the cakes!!! I freaked out. I went online and looked at some wedding cake forums and they were all having the same problem! Apparently the lack of transfat, or the new recipe for the crisco. Made it so the frosting wouldn't stick properly to the cake. I rushed down to walmart and bought the generic brand which luckily still had the trans fat and remade all 20 pounds of frosting. Scraped off the old frosting job and re did all the cakes. It was quite an experience. Now all frosting recipes contain at least half butter for that very reason.


pebble said...

I loved the traditional look of this cake, with it's square bottom and round layers. It tasted so good too, that buttercream was delish.

Anonymous said...

I love how classic this one looks, Lindsay. You are so good at what you do.