Tuesday, May 03, 2011

temple square


We went to temple square in Salt Lake today. I had to go buy lots of cake supplies at my favorite cake shop sorta near by. So we walked around the temple grounds. It was soo gorgeous.
It's especially special to us there, because that's where we got married 4 years ago.
Flowers and Blossoms everywhere. The flowers smelled amazing. I could have just spent all day there.
And yeah, I was a total idiot and didn't bring my camera. But I snapped a few on my cell phone.


I am super busy lately. I have a lot of cakes due this month.
I need to make 300+ gumpaste flowers for a cake next week.


I promise I will show you how to make gum paste flowers once the may cake madness ends. I hear they are easier than they look. Guess I will find out! Wish me luck!



pebble said...

I love it that Georgie is holding the bunny he got at our Easter Egg Hunt...lol! And your phone takes a better picture than my Cybershot!

Shandra said...

Temple Square is so beautiful! I can't wait to go again...how blessed you are to live so close. I just love looking at all the new pictures of you ADORABLE little guys!! Isn't motherhood wonderful!!

Tamera said...

Love the pictures! Once I get back from the honeymoon let's go out photo taking in the evenings. :)

Lindsay said...

Thanks everyone! I really want to go back up there and take more pictures. I would have spent hours there, but we parked in a timed parking garage. So we had to hurry. The boys loved it, George kept asking to take a bath in the fountains.
And Tamera, that sounds awesome!! I'm so excited!