Thursday, July 21, 2011

peanut butter brownies


I had a brilliant plan to make a dessert my husband would love. He really likes Resse's peanut butter cups. So my plan was to make a brownie with peanut butter cookie dough on top.


It turned out great!
I made the brownie batter just like the box directions and spread it out in my greased pan. Then I made the cookie dough just like the box directions. Pressed it out in my hands and laid it all over the top of the batter. Don't fuss over this too much. Remember cookies expand quite a bit, so all the overlapping and cracks wont matter once it bakes.
Then I sprinkled it with chocolate chips and pressed them in the dough a little.

Now it didn't work out perfectly. Because I didn't bake it quite long enough. I did the baking time for the brownies 9 x 13. I should of increased it a little because its thicker than just the brownies alone. The brownies didn't cook all the way and are extra gooey, which is good too. But for easy serving I would look at the brownie box and pick a longer cooking time.
They are super delicious and very rich! I would for sure take this to my next pot luck party. It's a winner folks! I can't wait for my hubby to try them!

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