Wednesday, August 31, 2011



We have T minus 2 days till take off.
The moving truck will be picked up early Saturday morning. I have so many emotions it's hard to even know how to take it all in.
I'm very excited for our new adventure. But very nervous to leave this condo where we are living.
See, it's a very fancy condo to live in. We have gorgeous dark wood cabinets in the kitchen. Along with Granite countertops, which is also in the laundry room and bathrooms. The appliances are fancy. It has gorgeous walls, doors and molding. We are able to keep our AC at 70 degrees and we hardly have a utility bill. I have a walk in closet that is just a foot smaller that the boys bedrooms. And I had just made a really amazing friend that lives in our building.
Oh sheesh, after typing all that, I'm not sure I will be able to move!
But, I feel like I'm stuck in a cage. We are on the bottom floor and people glance in our window while they are out walking their dogs. And the kids that live above us drive me insane. I have stooped to being the cranky neighbor who bangs on the ceiling with a broom stick from time to time. And let's not even get me started on how tired I am on picking up dog poop outside. Never again!


The new house will bring more space in the house and our own yard! I also might have my own office/art room. So I will be able to start blogging more. And working on more cakes, painting and quilting. So I am excited.
I just need to come to grips with leaving this cushy condo behind.
An adventure lies ahead!!


These funny pictures are of George. He found a piece of box that had two holes in it. So he was wearing it as a mask trying to scare us and saying monster. So I drew some quite freaky monster faces on the boxes for him and he has loved it.
He has been great at helping pack boxes. He has a little song he sings, "we're moving, we're moving, la la la la etc... Sometimes I can hear him singing "packing a box, up so tight". He has packed all the toys in the entire house by himself. We ended up with a total of 7 big boxes full. And that's not including the toys that wont fit inside boxes.
For sure we will be having a garage sale in a few weeks. Seriously where does all the stuff come from!?

Wish me luck on this move. We only have a tenth of this place packed up. The next couple days will be nuts.


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