Monday, September 12, 2011

unpack or bust


This is my motto on my fridge in magnet alphabet letters. It's been little over a week since the move and I am still drowning in boxes. The boys just don't let me unpack properly. The house isn't very baby proof yet so I spend my days following them and getting virtually nothing done. I have also pulled my back out twice. I was quite attractive looking today with my neck frozen in a weird position. My head looked like it was almost glued to my right shoulder. Hopefully I can get my neck turning and moving again soon.
Two nights I have fed my mom and brother yummy food in exchange for help unpacking. We have finished 3/4 of the kitchen boxes. I'm guessing I had around 25 boxes for the kitchen. And only 3 of those were food. Ya think I have enough dishes? That doesn't even include any of my cake decorating pans or supplies.
Anyways I'm thankful for their help. Or probably only 2 boxes in the whole house would be unpacked by now.
I currently don't have a computer desk, hence the no blogging lately. I'm on my phone. But tomorrow I am buying a used desk off the classifieds. I'm so excited! I have wanted this desk from ikea for years now. I will show it to you soon once I get it all set up.

Good night!

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