Monday, October 03, 2011

halloween cupcakes


I had a blast making these Halloween cupcakes. I only had a dozen cupcakes to decorate. I really wanted a couple more dozen to make into fun monsters and ghouls. It was a lot of fun.


These two monster cupcakes were by far my favorite to make. I would LOVE to make a few dozen funny monster cupcakes! Anyone have a little boy birthday party coming up?!?


I'm making halloween themed cake pops next! Stay tuned!


Shandra said...

I love these!!! They are GREAT! Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine & these are Fantastic! :-)

Amy C said...

These are so cute! The ghost is my favorite - and the finger one looks SO realistic...and Halloweeny!

Anonymous said...

these are freaking awesome!

Heather said...

Super cute! I love them.

Christina said...

I am making monster cupcakes for my daughters birthday party (monster themed). On the green monster cupcakes what did you use for the black mouth? And the large eyed one, what is the eye lid made out of?