Wednesday, October 26, 2011

halloween sugar cookies


These are the premade, ready to decorate Halloween sugar cookies I ordered in my Bountiful Baskets this last week. You get a container full of baked delicious sugar cookies. And 4 containers of icing. They were super fun and easy to decorate!


But black icing sure is messy!

For those of you who do bountiful baskets and wanted to make them the same way. I take a spoon and stir the containers of icing REALLY well until they are super smooth. Then I put them in cake decorating piping bags. I actually didn't use tips because I'm lazy. If you want to use tips, I would use a very small round tip. I just cut a tiny bit of the end after I rubber band the top of the piping bag so it wont leak everywhere out the top.
Say I am doing the pumpkin cookies. I draw a line of icing all around the outside edge of the pumpkin cookie, leaving a quarter inch or so of cookie border. This creates a damn of icing to keep everything contained because its so liguidy. Then I start filling in the whole center of the cookie. Once its all filled in and orange, you can lightly shake the cookie back and forth to make the liquid icing to fill in perfectly smooth. Then take the black for the face and pipe the details on. It will sink right into the orange pumpkin. Leaving a perfectly smooth icing job. Hope that makes sense! Happy Cookie-ing!!!

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