Monday, November 29, 2010

happy birthday george


Two years old....WOW!!!
That flew by.


But at the same time you seem so grown up.
Maybe its because you are already 3 feet tall.
And act like you're more mature than me sometimes.


I Love you Georgie.


Thanks for making everyone so happy.


You're an amazing person.
I know you are going to change the world.
Happy 2nd Birthday!


pebble said...

This cake tasted divine! The pudding filling was luscious! The cake was moist and yummy...Georgie, we love you!

Glenda said...

What a little buster boy! Such a cutie. The cake looks totally aweseome. Nice post :)

lori said...

love your blog! i found you on babycenter somewhere...maybe the nov 08 board? i live for recipes, and i am enjoying looking through yours. i will be making that pork barbacoa very soon. your cakes are gorgeous! last, but not least...your little boy is a doll!

Tammanoa said...

MMMM This cake looks so tasty! I could totally go for this right now...