Wednesday, November 18, 2009

goodness gracious...great balls of fire!

As I drove the hour drive home from school yesterday, I couldn't stop looking at the sky. I thought it was strange that I could see a million more stars than usual. I was fascinated and keep trying to stop myself because I was driving. Little did I know that if I had continued to look up for a few more hours I could have seen a meteor crashing into the atmosphere.
Jake and I had stayed up late watching our favorite TV show House on my laptop, when our room suddenly lit up! We were a little confused, and thought maybe a big truck drove by our windows. Then a few minutes later our house rumbled. We again blamed a big truck, I mean, you have seen our house, it wouldn't take much to make it shake. But just around midnight a meteor hit and lit up the sky to day. Then 5 minutes later the sonic boom roared over Utah. The local news said that meteor rocks are worth thousands of dollars. Maybe George and I will have to go explore later...