Sunday, November 29, 2009

tom turkey

I hosted my very first Thanksgiving. I was very nervous when I realized I would have to make it by myself this year. My mom wasn't gonna make it back into town in time for the big party. So I started the night before, I made the green bean casserole, the raspberry jello, cranberry sauce, a chocolate pie, a banana cream pie and I decorated the table. When the big day arrived I had the turkey, stuffing, yams, pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes and gravy left to do. I was very surprised how laid back the meal felt to make. It really was not hard at all. I think a normal meal for a party is much more hectic. The pics are of the pretty table, mr. turkey all ready to be carved, and my amazing brother that helped me take the "whatever" out of the "where ever" Anyone think I'm gonna have a hard time in chef school taking apart birds and cutting apart whole cows, raise your hand!!! Ooooo! Pick Me! Yeah, not looking forward to that....Think they would let me take my brother in that day?

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pebble said...

Dinner was great! I think you can cut up anything you make up your mind to do! That picture of Andy makes me laugh!