Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love that the holidays are here! Spending time with family, fantastic food, great traditions! Since its Thanksgiving, i think we should all go around the table and say what we are thankful for!

I am grateful for my sweet sweet husband Jake, that I can be a mom to the adorable Georgie, and that I was able to start culinary school.

What are you grateful for? Or what is a tradition you have at Thanksgiving? Or both!


pebble said...

Hey! That's my mantle! You must have put those cute pumpkins on it when I was gone, it looks great, the letters are awesome, super cool. You did a fantastic job drawing them on there. Thanks. :)

Lindsay said...

Ok Mom, what are you thankful for? Besides the fact I made your mantle cute. :)

pebble said...

Oh I am thankful for a daughter who cleans and decorates my house when I am gone. Also for a family that waits a few days to get together for Thanksgiving on a new time and day, at a moments notice. A husband who is caring for his parents at the sacrifice of personal comfort and his own vacation and family time. I am also thankful for heat...warmth, there is no furnace at the house in Montana...cold is not my friend. Can't wait to get home and put up nativities! Lights! Trees!