Friday, January 15, 2010

23 things to do before i turn 24

It's a feature Friday again! Michelle My Belle is one of my favorite bloggers. Her art inspires me in every way! Her blog always makes me want to get up and go make something bold, colorful and just plain fantastic! I wanted to feature her today because she is doing an awesome list of things she wants to do before her birthday. My 23rd birthday is coming up in March, which I think is a little too quick to complete 22 things. So I am going to do 23 things before my 24th birthday in 2011.

1. Graduate from Culinary school
2. Lose 50 pounds
3. Spend more time with my parrots (maybe even start a parrot blog)
4. Find the best frosting recipe
5. Paint my piano (I think red!)
6. Get a chemical peel
7. Have more than my mother read my blog on a daily basis
8. Come up with a dozen amazing dessert recipes that are either wheat free, diabetic friendly or vegan
9. Start a Cake Website
10. Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover
11. Have a big Fall Party
12. See the Grand Canyon with my mom
13. Learn how to Airbrush
14. Unpack all the moving boxes
15. Furnish my bedroom (there is currently only a bed)
16. Have a giveaway on my blog
17. Make at least 12 wedding cakes
18. Paint a picture
19. Make 2 quilts
20. Blow sugar (it's like blowing/sculpting glass but with sugar)
21. Go Swimming (haven't been in 10 years)
22. Don't eat ANY fast food!
23. Send 5 surprise gifts

I will blog about each goal as I do them! So keep watching..This is gonna be exciting and challenging! 24 things...14 months! Let's do this!!!

P.S. If any of you make lists too. I will love to link you on my blog! Just let me know!
The Desert Flea Market List


Jake said...

swimming is going to be fun! I can't wait.

Lindsay said...

Yeah well maybe not for the one who is swimming suit challenged. I'm dreading it!

The Nuffers said...

I read your blog! :) I think it's great. And if you find that perfect frosting recipe ... let me know!

Lindsay said...

Oh I will! Its gonna be a long hunt I think. But I will find the perfect frosting!!!

michelle allen said...

i love your list!!! very inspiring with lots of great ideas. good luck to you and may this year be full of accomplishments. :)

tom said...

That's awesome. I think i want to too. I still have 6 and a half months until i turn 23 so maybe i will do 22 things before i turn 23 then i will make a new list each year. Maybe i'll even get to 99 things before i turn 100. That would be cool, huh?


Glenda said...

I laughed out loud when I read #7, but at least your mom does read it! My mom doesn't know the first thing about using a computer...never will read my blogs!