Monday, February 01, 2010

love is being stupid together

Welcome to February! The month of construction paper hearts, roses and cheap mystery chocolates in tacky boxes. But also the month of LOVE!!!! Everyday I will try and post something I LOVE, LOVE and...LOVE! My goal is by the end of the month you will be so corn-balled out you wont be able to handle one more loveable thing!
Today at culinary school we made bread....oh how I wish so so bad that you could have smelled it. It was heavenly. Sampling would be awesome too. You will just all have to come over soon, so I can make you some. We made Brioche, which is pretty much half butter. It melts in your mouth and is to die for..literally if you ate enough of the stuff. Then comes the French bread and fabulous pumpkin bread.
I LOVE bread. I love making it, I could hand knead bread for hours, its so relaxing, and tranquil to me. I cant help but think of all the bakers that were kneading in the same way, hundreds of years ago. I love how I feel so connected to them, the bread, and all that history. I love the feel of the dough, the taste, but my favorite part of bread is the smell.

Happy February everyone! I hope you join me this month for all my Lovin!

First Pic by Shewatchedthesky

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Dan said...

Boy that bread looks good!