Tuesday, July 06, 2010

flag pie

Last night we ate this scrumptious Flag Pie. I was happy with how adorable it turned out. I was in a hurry and used roll out store bought pie crust, and canned fruit. Next year I will make the real deal with homemade crust and fresh fruit.

To make the separation of berries use cardboard or a thick paper.
I just cut pieces from the dough box. Made an angle on them, similar to the sides of the pie. And had my brother hold them up dividing off a quarter of the pie. While I filled it up with the fruit. It was super easy!

And soo yummy! Maybe I won't wait till next year to try it out with fresh fruit...


pebble said...

Do you think we could make a daisy/flower pie? Like with curves for the petals? Two kinds of filling? Or would it be too hard? I LOVE this flag pie, with I could have a piece. Can we try another one when I get home, I want to eat pie now :).

Lindsay said...

That's a brilliant idea! As long as you can make the "stencil" the possibilities are endless! Maybe those large deep cookie cutters they sell would work? A heart shape in the center of a pie would be way cute. I also wonder how good of results you would get from a pudding pie. YUM! Worth a try!