Saturday, February 12, 2011

i'm back

I didn't get taken by aliens.

I didn't die.

I just took a little break. Or a "blog-cation"

Actually I really didn't mean to leave ya hanging for a week.
We have just been super busy. Also I couldn't blog for a little bit.
Our power went out.
And came back on,
and out,
and on,
and out,
and on,
and out agian....
Then came back on for a full minute....then went out. AGAIN!
After a few hours of being in completely darkness with only one flash light...
It came back on. Well at least at some point it did. We gave up on being in the complete darkness with a 2 year old and baby after an hour.
We were hungry and the only thing we had to eat that didn't need to be cooked was apples and oranges. So we headed over to my mom's house and she made us sloppy joe's. They were great!
Anyways, the meaning of the story is. With all that power flickering on and off. It fried our router for the internet. So I couldn't blog.
I considered posting from my phone. But that would be a disaster. So, I hope you enjoyed the break from me.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?
Ok, let's be honest, in the blog world you just loose readers.
Well I'm glad you are still here.
You Are Awesome!!!

I have a big Valentines Planned on Monday. See ya then!

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