Friday, April 29, 2011

ulcer, ulcer, go away

Warning:I complain a lot in this post.

Lately (since February) I have been having a really hard time.
A hard time keeping up with life.
I feel like I can't do it.
The dishes are piled up, I feel tired, sick, and in pain.
Well, I found out all this was being caused by an Ulcer.
I have been taking antibiotics the last 20 days, and took my last one today.
I really thought it was going away. But more extreme pain today...
I am much better than I was before. At least I am enjoying being with the boys and doing stuff now.
But I just want to feel 100% better! I seriously hate this.

Does anyone of you know if ulcers are a long term thing? Even after I complete the treatment. Like will I never be able to eat fresh pineapple, or pico de gallo again?

Well to end on a good note. Here are a couple cute pictures of JackJack.




Have a great weekend!


pebble said...

Oh I love love this picture of Jackjack grabbing his darling! I hope you feel better soon...there will be garden tomatoes by gotta get better!
Love ya...

mum in meltdown said...

I really hope you feel better soon It can be quite disheartening when an illness goes on and on. I have M.E and was diagnosed around 2 years ago. I find it totally relentless and sooo frustrating not to feel well for even one day. I do miss out on a lot with the kids and hubby although we have adjusted well. I soo wish anti boitics worked for me. Wishing you well x

Heather said...

Have you tried taking Zantac plus your antibiotics? I've heard that can help.
Perhaps you need a break. If you want to bring your boys down to St George and play some weekend, let me know. I'm sure that we would have a great time.

Krista and Aidan said...

I had dozens of ulcers (literally) when I was 24. I have been ulcer free for 15 years now. I eat pineapple and pico de gallo with no problems! I did have to take zantac and other meds for a while but take heart!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the well wishes! And I have high hopes for the Zantac! Thank you for the suggestion. Anything to eat normally again. I can't live without garden tomatoes.

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