Monday, November 21, 2011

elmo cake and cupcakes


I had a ton of fun making a little Elmo cake and Elmo cupcakes. We are big fans of the fuzzy red monster around here!


The flavor inside was chocolate marble. And very yummy, one of my new favorite flavors!


The cake was for the most adorable little 2 year old of one of my friends. They had the birthday party at a one of those Indoor inflatable jump places. It looked seriously fun!!


Ashley Rose said...

Thanks again for your awesome cakes!! They were a hit!!

Raylene said...

Cute! Jackson's next birthday might be Sesame Street. I wish you lived closer!!

Michaela Stephens said...

Wow! That must have been a lot of work! I'm impressed! The look so good!

jo-lyn said...

wow! i just added you to my google reader, i just started a cupcake biz and i am interested in ideas on decorating and stuff (i'm in michigan)

Lindsay said...

Thanks everyone! They were tons of fun! Raylene, just message me. I will teach you how to make them. You totally can do it, after seeing what you did with the blue's clues cake.

Jo-lyn, I just checked out your blog. You are my new cupcake buddy! You are great!

Kruti Naik said...

This is soo cute! Was planning to make this for a friend.. Any tips in icing?

Anonymous said...

Love love Love it. My grandson would love to have something sim for his party. I'm a cake decorator, but don't have this type of separator plate? What kind is it and where did you get it? Thanks for sharing. It's so adorable